Why I don't use Twitter


Social Media has too much leverage over real life and Twitter is known to be incredibly toxic and hateful in multiple instances. It is simply not worth my time anymore.

Read along if you’re interested in more info.

I used to use Twitter a lot back when I still had my original accounts: I’d often retweet smaller artists or cosplayers who deserve more exposure for what they do and I would often also just share memes and have a good laugh. However, that isn’t the problem that I have with Twitter, it’s one single trait, but also something else that entails said trait:

Guilt by association.

For some unknown reason, Twitter users have started to actively police their friends or other people they follow. What I mean by that is that Person A follows Person B, but Person C thinks that person B is bad, so they will tell Person A to not follow person B. I have noticed this many, many times over the several years I have used Twitter, and it has gotten to a point where people cannot even press the Like button on some content they like without being judged for it.

That is incredibly scary to me, mainly due to the fact that “cancel culture” exists - and yes, it is in fact a very real thing, I’ve experienced it myself at some point and have witnessed many others getting “cancelled” for very mundane things. It can go to a point where it affects your real life - and that is where I draw the line.

Mess around on the internet all you want (while still keeping in check with the law, of course), I’m not your parent. However, the moment you start negatively affecting other people’s lives from a virtual outlet is where it simply goes too far. The Internet and real life should be two separate things. Now, I’m not saying that you should think that internet friends aren’t real or that you can’t interact with real life friends on the internet, however if you combine the toxicity of the general Twitter userbase with real life people being able to see what is going on: That’s when you have a ticking time bomb.

And the only way to defuse that time bomb is to simply not use Twitter anymore, or to use a Twitter account that isn’t connected with a single small detail of your actual Internet screenname. Twitter as a whole is simply too much of a hassle to use, even if it allowed me to discover lots of unknown talents I’d love to follow on different outlets.

I’m sorry if there are people who cannot reach me in other ways, but I feel like that this is a necessary step in improving the quality of my life.

- sinefuse