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About my characters

First of all: I have opted to not make "origin stories" for my characters. I just want to have fun with them. Below are the character sheets for easy access:

Lucia's character sheet

Sophie's character sheet

If you are still interested in how I came up with them, please read onwards. It's a bit of a personal story too, in a way.

You see, I've always kinda questioned my gender and hated gender norms quite a bit for many years. I got into talks with a friend about how he has a "girlsona", which is basically who he is, except as a self-insert and he uses her for many, many things and stories. I found that idea very cool, and I wanted to explore that alley too, so I made my first "girlsona" too, on the 1st of January, 2018 - and her name was Sophie. Sophie ended up being... well, not very imaginative at all in terms of how she was made. To be blunt: her looks were a ripoff of a gacha game character, something that I don't really like at all, now that I look back at it. I eventually ditched the idea of Sophie and wanted to make a better, more original and unique character, and as such, Lucia was born from that, on the 10th of October 2018.

During her first 1-2 years of existing, I didn't really do much with her at all, she just kinda... existed. I was planning of using her for a tabletop RPG, but that fell flat when people just kinda lost intrerest in even starting that game. It was during October 2020 that I started to really get invested in working on the character, and the main reason for that is that I decided to try something - I wanted to use an original character to explore myself. The "girlsona" thing was literally that, too, I just didn't make use of it and it was more of an anonymity layer online than anything else. I started messing with Lucia a lot, in terms of how she looks and what I do with her, including making a Twitter account, using Lucia's likeness there as a bit of an anonymity layer like I have with the girlsona stuff, but also to try and explore myself as a person and how I feel about things. This has since changed a bit - I have since stopped using her as an anonymity later and connected her to my normal screenname a bit more properly. I was tired of having to do walk a tightrope in regards to this, so I promptly nuked that account. Twitter sucks and the users there can bite me.

The main reason I wanted to try exploring myself using an original character was because I started to have more and more feelings of resent towards gender and gender norms - in fact, I eventually came out as non-binary after a good 9+ years of questioning my gender and wanting to express myself in ways that would be seen as "non-man like" or "feminine", because I feel like a gender should not define how society should expect me to function. I am me and I refuse to be put into a box of stereotypes. To be honest, even the label "non-binary" doesn't sit 100% well with me, but it's the closest label I can think of that fits, though I'd rather just have no label at all. However I should point out that I do not mind being a dude and what this entails - I am perfectly fine with my body, however, if I were to wake up as a woman the next day, I don't think I'd mind in the slightest either. To me my genitals don't really define me and I am comfortable the way I am at the moment.

At the moment, in real life, I am just myself, being a dude. I do not trust society with accepting me if I were "different", so I'm not bothering with telling people about my gender. However, on the internet, I liked to use Lucia as a way to be a different gender, but to be honest, it helped me realize that I just do not care about my gender all that much. I am fine with any pronouns and so is Lucia. Nowadays, Lucia mainly serves as a bit of a creativity outlet, and I'm very glad that I came up with her and, well, identify as her in some way.

However, that still leaves us with Sophie. As I said before, Sophie was a very unimaginative creation of mine and I wasn't very proud of her, so I retconned her existance, her plot that I made up for her and started from scratch - and so, I eventually created the new Sophie at the end of May 2021. While she too has mostly white hair like the first iteration of Sophie, it has purple highlights and most of her color scheme in general is focused on being white and purple. She also has a different hair style, different body proportions, different eyes, different face shape, different outfit... basically almost entirely new, and I am very happy with how she turned out.

And that's where we currently are! To keep it short: We have gone from Sophie, which then turned into Lucia. Lucia has had quite a few revisions to her and I eventually retconned Sophie's original lore and character design (or lack thereof, ZING!) and made an all new and actually original version of her. And as of now, I'm shamelessly using Lucia's likeness on basically all internet platforms I use, because in a way, I am Lucia, just not in a way people may think.

Hope you found this relatively interesting, if you've read this far.